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My 20 year nursing career began at the bedside, but I knew I was born to lead. I've held numerous corporate executive roles in large public & private health systems and am now a full time entrepreneur and 3x founder. I'm a big thinker, risk taker and love helping companies and clinicians re-imagine healthcare.

pritma's story

You don’t need permission to be powerful.

As a proud first-generation Yale-educated nurse and an award-winning bedside entrepreneur, Dr. Pritma Dhillon-Chattha has an impressive list of titles and achievements that speak to her relentless commitment to improving lives through innovation in healthcare. Her most recent venture, Lavender, is the largest online psychiatry and therapy office founded by nurses to offer more impactful support to everyday people who need timely, seamless, and personalized care.

Yet Pritma’s ambitious accomplishments did not come without intense scrutiny. Growing up in a traditional East Indian household, she continually grappled with the pressure of cultural expectations as she navigated a turbulent road to her dreams.

Pritma persevered through abusive circumstances, lack of financial support, and fertility issues; and instead of letting challenges chip away at her integrity, she used them to build a stronger foundation and an empire of accessibility and empathy.

Through trial by fire, Pritma has developed a fierce yet disciplined work ethic without sacrificing her friendly demeanor or compassionate values. Her loyalty to her convictions created an avalanche of amazing opportunities, including public service appointments, speaking engagements, and ultimately her own loving family of two beautiful children and a supportive husband.

Next on her agenda is combining technology, science, and community to create a new narrative for modern nurses and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially Brown women.

There is a collective call to take responsibility in the profession for more inclusive, sustainable, and positive outcomes. Pritma’s candor and credentials are the perfect catalyst for just that. 

Her earnest “big sister” attitude in sharing her wisdom is a refreshing change from the rampant girlboss mindset that has dominated the mainstream over the last decade. Pritma’s driven lifestyle is not to be mistaken for hustle culture; in fact, her holistic efforts were a conscious investment that offered her invaluable return. That’s why it works.

Although she didn’t start out with a robust support system, Pritma’s knack for networking and relationship-building has become second nature, knowing that presence and perspectives of all kinds help kindle powerful ideas from concept to reality.

Her guiding principle of “seva,” the Sikh concept of selfless service, has been instrumental in her continued optimism and benevolent approach toward every new experience. With seva as her North Star, Pritma has confidence that she’s always headed in the right direction—even if she can’t see more than the next immediate step in front of her. She is repurposing adversity into knowledge and putting it into practice so that healthcare professionals and fellow female visionaries know that their aspirations already exist beyond the horizon. As long as they’re willing to do the work, anything can happen.

Pritma is proof that your path is not predetermined. Even if you start from the bottom, you don’t need to stay there. Now, surrounded by beauty and a view from the top, Pritma has embodied a new energy:

Be the mountain. That way, nothing is insurmountable.

who i work with

I'm very active in my current company, but it feeds my soul to help others breed innovations that improve health outcomes for both patients and caregivers alike. I carve out a small amount of time each month to advise colleagues and companies - especially BIPOC women and nurses. I work with health systems to strategize digital innovation, with entrepreneurs to scale their companies, and with future founders to bring their ideas to market.


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